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BJE Kulanu School of Jewish Studies Registration

Billing information
Student information
Parent/Guardian 1
Parent/Guardian 2

Participation in Kulanu Field Trips and Special Programs away from the school facility.

Rules and Policies
Media permission

Kulanu has permission to photograph/film my child for art, advertising, trade, or editorial purposes and to use these photographs without compensation or additional restrictions. Kulanu has my permission to use and /or edit comments from evaluation surveys for press releases or marketing materials.

Special issues, needs and requirements
If your child has any special issues, needs or requirements (i.e., allergies, learning disabilities, medications, etc.), please explain above.
Discipline Policy

I understand that . . .

Waiver of Responsibility

I understand that . . .

A $100 registration fee is required at time of registration. This fee will be applied to any tuition costs.
Please contact Susan Weis at 609-822-1854 for financial assistance.